Old Spitalfields Market

I will be joining @Urbanmakers for their ongoing residency at Spitalfields.

I remember it before the facelift and loved the food you could get there, Thankfully it is something that has been retained and there are simply loads of options to suit any palate, and Brick Lane is within a short walk if curry is the thing that will hit the spot.

Of course I will be there with my pots selling to whomever wishes to buy.

My current favourites are my 'love-mugs' they were just an idea that was scratching around in my brain and I just needed to make them. I wasn't sure that they would work but have tried and tested supping coffee out of them and they drink brilliantly. Perfect for wedding present or just for that special somone to tell them how you feel.

Details of when and where:

Saturday 30th March 11am - 5pm

Sunday 31st March 10am - 5pm

Old Spitalfields Market

16 Horner Square, London E1 6EW

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